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Meet The Team: Josh



Smule Name:


Tell us a little bit about yourself... where were you born, where did you grow up, married with children?

I'm 34, a musician/singer/song writer and I was in the military. Some people would say I came from my mom, but I was born in California, and grew up in Texas. No, not married (taking applications) and I have two beautiful daughters (Brett says: Wow... personal ad much?)

Do you remember the first CD/cassette (or even vinyl) that you bought?

Yes, Journeys greatest hits, but since my parents were both musicians I would always listen to their CDs and take them hahaha.

What are your favourites genres and era of music?

I don't really have a favorite genre or era, I love them all. A different genre for every mood.

You've competed in lots of competitions - Why do you think contestants should join Vocal Edge? What do we have that others do not?

I think contestants should join Vocal Edge because of the level of talent that joins, the friendships and bonds created, and the challenges that are given. Vocal Edge was my first competition and it pushed me to become a lot better in doing any competition song, challenge, and open call. The thing that we have that other competitions don't have is dedication to the contestants. The ultimate goal is to help them as much as possible and every contestant who competes in Vocal Edge shows their experience after they leave Vocal Edge. The best thing that I love is that you can be yourself and have fun while competing!! The thing that I love the most is that we genuinely care about how the contestants do.

One final thing... Fall Out Boy or Fall out Boy?

Really!?!? Really!?!?? Why you gotta bring up old stuff, you know I despise Fall Out Boy songs now ever since I had to do that song like 200 times!!! "No comment"

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