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Meet The Team: Nick



Smule Name:


Tell us a little bit about yourself... where were you born, where did you grow up, married with children?

I was born in Utah, grew up between there and Virginia. I always loved to sing but wasn't always very good at it. My first musical was in 4th grade, but I didn't start voice lessons until I was 14. I am 24 years old now and a grad student in IL. Married with kids? Lol no.

Do you remember the first CD/cassette (or even vinyl) that you bought?

First CD I bought... Hmm I dont know if I could tell you that. Some early CDs I remember having though are Smash Mouth and Now that's What I call Music... Like the 5th one? Lol. The first one I probably really begged my mom to get me was the Simple Plan CD when I was in 6th grade.. I promise my taste in music has evolved.

What are your favourites genres and era of music?

Well I listed on the website that musical theatre is my favorite genre of music, but that's just my favorite one to perform. I have a very wide range of music. My Spotify playlist really has everything. Dottie will tell you, I make her join all my random OCs because often times nobody knows my songs. I generally will have like Pop, techno or indie chill songs. Like some RnB and some rap music too. And as much as I say I hate country and hard rock after both were themes in season 3.. you can even find some of that in my repertoire.

You competed for the first time in Season 3, and were the runner up - what advice would you give to contestants in the upcoming season for how to succeed as much as you did?

As far as advice goes... I'd say I have two big ones. First off- never count yourself out. As mentioned, the first two themes last season were country and rock, two genres I frankly suck at singing. I was ranked very near the bottom and almost was eliminated. As I continued to totally scrape by, I miraculously kept up to top 60, where I was ranked second from last. This goes into my second piece of advice- never let the judges give you the same critique twice! This was definitely what helped me get all the way to the end of the season. Regardless of whether or not I agreed with a judges feedback, each piece stuck with me and I made a very specific effort to look out for each piece of feedback I got in the early rounds and not let them repeat it. I managed to keep this going successfully and found myself on top. I thought I'd be out before top 200, and I almost won. Literally, anyone has it in them to win this. How far will you push yourself to make sure it's you?

One final thing... movies or books?

Neither!! Well, I'd watch a movie before I watch a book. But I'm not into either tbh - I choose music!

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