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Meet The Team: Sam



Smule Name:


Tell us a little bit about yourself... where were you born, where did you grow up, married with children?

Born but certainly not bred in the northern UK town of Bolton. However we swiftly moved on to the awesome savannah of Zambia, Africa; best years of my life with Safari and Victoria Falls as ordinary weekend childhood ventures! Now happily married and blessed with a 3 year old boy who is my reason for breathing.

Do you remember the first CD/cassette (or even vinyl) that you bought?

My first cassette was Prince's 'Dirty Mind'....don't think my parents realised how saucy the lyrics were in those days ( aged 13!) as I looked on smugly with my Walkman firmly plugged into my ears!! This started me on my obsession with his music....the recent news just broke my heart. R.I.P Prince.

But aside from that...anyone remember requiring a two cassette hi-Fi to make sure you made your favourite mix tapes whilst wearing Calvin kleins with a thick waist band sitting above that of your jeans...! 90's the maths!

What are your favourites genres and era of music?

Prince, MJ, Soul, R&B, Trip Hop, anything 70s-90s were all my influences. Also love me a bit of musical theatre! Also rock, U2, REM....scratch that, I seem to be into any type of music to be honest as long as it titillates me....ooooo-errrr missus! Titty-what?

Having competed in Vocal Edge, what did you learn that you will use in your judging & coaching techniques?

Ahem (as she composes herself)...during the last season of VE I learned so much, but the most important skill was learning about emotion. If you listen to a song and really feel the emotion , then when singing it then it it will translate to the listener. I also learned to trust one's own artistic direction and not to be restricted by different!

What will you personally be looking for in the winner of this season?

In this season's winner I will be looking out for individuality, clever harmonies which go against the grain and texture to the songs to create three least!!

One final thing... Fish & Chips or a greasy kebab?

To finish off, I'm British it's got to be a greasy kebab for me with extra chilli sauce and mayo!!

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