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Meet The Team: Saralinda



Smule Name:


Tell us a little about yourself... where were you born, where did you grow up, married with children?

I was born in Apeldoorn , in the Netherlands. Growing up with just my mom, my voice was my best friend and my escape. I have a 3 year old son... he is truly my everything. He can make anyone smile ... Even if you don't want to :) I'm not married , but happily together with my man for 13 years now.

Do you remember the first CD/cassette (or vinyl) you bought?

Yes I do! It was ... uhm... the debut CD of the ... TATATATAAAAAA! !!!

Backstreet Boys. .. HAHA!

Can't we just skip that question?? This might affect my image haha 😂

What are your favourite genres and eras of music?

I really love the 80's and 90s. I LOVE old-school RnB, Soul, Funk and some rock at times.

Chaka Khan, Mint Condition, Sade, Ritchie Kotzen; these are some of the artists I listen to and sing.

You were the winner of Season One of Vocal Edge. How did that feel?

Well, weird? Really weird. There are so many talented singers remaining once you reach Top 10/Top 5 and anyone could win. Those last rounds weren't easy ! It truly was a great feeling being crowned the winner and after putting in so much hard work I had some trouble believing it. It needed a day or 2 to really sink in..

And now you're a senior judge, moving into your third season of judging... what do you like about being a Vocal Edge judge?

I think it's amazing to see how the world comes together on a competition. It doesn't matter where you live - anyone can audition and be part of this.

It's exciting to find new talent, and being part of their progress. To see and hear them develop themselves, taking in critique and learning from it.

I also had the pleasure of coaching in Season 2. It's hard work, and takes up a LOT of time but it was so worth it! Being a judge OR a coach .. I think it's a learning experience for contestants but for me as well.

What really makes you get excited when you hear good entries from contestants?

I really love it if someone takes the original, staying close to it but still managing to give it there own spin . It could be in small details like timing or added harmonies .... I think the most important thing is that I need to feel what they are singing.

One final thing... pink or blue?

Haha! Can't it be blue with just a touch of pink in it? I don't know .. like dots ? Or stars maybe ..


But OK, if I really need to pick... I'll pick BLUE.

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