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Meet The Team: Val

Name: Valerie Nicole

Smule Name:


Tell us a little bit about yourself... where were you born, where did you grow up, married with children?

I was born in Texas, I live near Austin. I spent most of my childhood singing, cheerleading and acting. I love coffee, karaoke and my son! I play the guitar and a little piano. I went to school to get my degree in Music Education (Choral Studies) and Vocal Performance (Opera).

Do you remember the first CD/cassette (or even vinyl) that you bought?

I remember my first cassette (feeling old over here). It was Mariah Carey's Emotions album. I would go around singing it and driving my little sister crazy!

What are your favourites genres and era of music?

This has to be the most frustrating question for a musician. I love Folk music and singer/songwriter music. I also really enjoy anything you can dance too! I love opera and musicals. Really I have found anything I don't like, except accordions.

What inspires you to sing?

It's just part of my soul, I suck at explaining it. There is a part of me that feels suppressed if I can't sing. I love that music brings people together and I think everyone should sing. I hope that answers the question.

You competed in the last season of Vocal Edge... how did you find the social aspect of it?

Vocal Edge was this whirlwind experience, at first I had never been in a Smule competition so big. I met lots of great amazing singers and really got the opportunity to push myself and connect with others and work together to create some music I am really proud of. I can honestly say that being a part of The Staff is such an honor and I can't wait to coach y'all!

One final thing... Katy or Gaga?

Tough Questions! Katy is HOT! But it's GAGA, she is everything! She inspired my track on the coaches page :)

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