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Meet The Team: Bil


My name's Billy Anne but everyone calls me Bil

Smule Name:


Tell us a little bit about yourself... where were you born, where did you grow up, married with children?

Well, I am a Filipina, born and raised in the Philippines. I've always had the love for music as a kid. Growing up, I've learned and seen how music is very much ABLE to touch the hearts of many, and it is sooo BEAUTIFUL to see. Errr, I'm a '93 baby haha, so yeah, I have no plans for that yet.

Do you remember the first CD/cassette (or even vinyl) that you bought?

Yes! That'll be "Barlow Girl" (self-titled). That was their first album in 2004. 😊 I was 11 back then. BG is a Christian girl rock band. I doubt you guys know 'em, check them out! 😊

What are your favourite genres and era of music?

Pop would be on top of my list, and Christian Contemporary, nevertheless, I love and appreciate the beauty of music in any genre. 90s!!! During last season's Semi Finals, i took the time to spend a week just listening to 90s songs, who wouldn't fall inlove with those songs, they're sooo goooood!

You competed last season, and did really well - especially in the mashup round - how did Vocal Edge make you feel?

Thank you so much! VE has given me such a great experience that I was able to learn how to get off my comfort zone. I love every bit of the journey. Ha! Round 9, one of my favorite rounds. (I have to thank my Coach for helping me big time!) I'm the type who usually sticks to singing acoustics, ballads, those which aren't upbeat, the calm, chill type of music. But oh Vocal Edge... (happy tears) has challenged me into learning and exploring more of what I am able to do as a singer.

Is that why you wanted to join the VE team?

Yes, I saw how it helped a lot of people discover more of what they could do in the field of music.

I was always struggling on every entry (getting sick, 2 days before the deadline and i still couldn't pick a song), but the thing is, it didn't matter whether or not people encouraged me to push through, I was spurred on by the spirit of the competition itself to finish and do my best on every entry.

Plus I LOVE THE TEAM! They're family 😘

What kind of theme would you like to see in the next season?

A song in a diff language perhaps? Rap??? uhmm.. . hey genius (Brett).. .. any thoughts? haha.

One final thing... Meat or fish?

duhh. . .PIZZA. 😂

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