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Meet The Team: Dottie


I go by many names:

Do'ie, Rambo, and "Hey, you there" aka Dottie

Smule Name:

DotB1974 - although I'm dying to change it to something extravagant like VE_Dottie-Sauce but Brett says it isn't appropriate.

Tell us a little bit about yourself... where were you born, where did you grow up, married with children?

I was born and raised in a small town in Warrensburg, Missiouri - where Cow Tipping and Snipe Hunting were the main attraction on a Friday and Saturday night. If you know what that is, you get a virtual high five from me. I'm the youngest of 3 children and the only girl. I was pretty much a tomboy growing up, but had my moments of girlie-ness when it came to barbies. Let's just say, I made Ken "played by my cousin" my betch at every family gathering.

I am NOT married, and don't intend to be any time soon. However, if the right person came along I could possibly be persuaded to change my mind.. (the romantic in me always wants to find true love - dang it!) I also do not have any human children, but am the proud mommy of a 5 year old pup named Bea Bea. She is my light and life most nights. Unless she's naughty.

Do you remember the first CD/cassette (or even vinyl) that you bought?

Yes. I used my allowance to buy Bobby McFarrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" cassingle. (Yes, I said cassingle) it was a cassette tape. If you don't know what that is, google it.

What are your favourites genres and era of music?

OH CRAP. I hate this question because I honestly don't have a disdain for any genres.. with the exception of some Blue Grass, Contemporary Country and Kanye West.

I tend to listen to Musical Theater, Blues, Jazz, and Gospel more often then any other. There was a time I was caught up in an '80's vortex and couldn't get out. There was an intervention, and rehab was successful. I am cured of my DEVO FEVER!!! HALLELUJAH.

You have a background in musical theatre - tell us a bit about that, and what roles you've played...

Oh dear heavens.. I've been in the ensemble of many musicals.. Hello Dolly (ensemble and cook 1), Cinderella (ensemble flower girl), Sweeney Todd (ensemble / featured soloist) Tom Sawyer (ensemble, Mrs. Bell - featured soloist) and many many more that would take up too much of your reading time, and I also wouldn't want to appear braggy.

I was also cast Demeter in Cats and played Joanne in Rent for a theater group here in Kansas City that does musicals concert style. Which I love the concept. To be honest, my love for musical theater came late in my life. I really only started performing in Musicals and Plays since 2013. I never quite saw myself as a stage actor.. but I am quite fond of it now!

What do you think this in background will bring to the judging perspective for this season of Vocal Edge?

I guess, you could say its given me the opportunity to appreciate all the hard work the contestants put into each song. (VE Season 3 did the same thing) It has also taught me how to work together with others to produce something amazing. I love watching the contestants pull together to help each other out. Even though they are competing against each other, they still want the other to do their best. That speaks volumes to me as a judge.

Musical Theater has also trained my ear to hear specific things. I find that I listen to music more from the perspective of the author. I want to hear the emotion and the heart of a song more than I want to hear the technical perfections. Sometimes a song, sang with good emotion, is so perfect even with a few imperfections technically. I'm not going to lie, I AM a stickler for pitch, if you are sharp or flat I will call you out on it. AGAIN, musical theater and my choir teachers growing up all trained me to listen for that. My college music theory professor used to call me "Queen Pitch" when it came to listening to music. He hated it when I'd ask if he planned to get the piano tuned before next session. No one likes a flat piano.

You competed in the last season of Vocal Edge and have recently been judging the musical theatre spin-off... Is it a major difference to be on the judges side of the competition?

Heck to the yes.

As a contestant I was pushed and prodded to present the best song I could in the time allotted me. I loved the challenge, but dreaded the count down clock. There would be many nights I'd be sitting in my car at 3am (because my neighbors need rest) putting final layers on my song and then I'd hear some background noise and completely lose my senses because I didn't want the deduction, so I'd start my song over again. (I'm honestly not TRYING to scare future contestants) Please note, I am a perfectionist.. but sometimes you have no choice but to turn in a song that's less than what you wanted to because of deadline. I go back and listen to some of my contributions, and remember exactly where I was and how many times I had to redo that ONE layer because my ANDROID PHONE didn't have flags. (Brett says: S1 and S2 winners, Saralinda and Zay both WON using Android phones!) hahaha. The other contestants were amazing too. It took me a long while to warm up to the chat rooms. I know it's hard to believe, but I'd rather talk to someone than type. The other contestants were my competition but soon became my friends. These were people I had developed a bond with because of late night tears over songs. The one thing I'm most proud of is the fact that by the time I left the comp (for the 3rd time) I was a more confident, better all around singer! I can not even believe the difference as a performer from before VE to after. CRAZY AWESOME.

As a judge, I am relieved that the only countdown clock I have to worry about is the one for results. The OMWF "cast" as I like to call them, are some of the most talented people I have come across. (Season 4 is so far proving to be much of the same!) The best part of being a judge is being able to give someone advice, and them applying it to their next piece. JOY!! PURE JOY! I love helping others find their best voice. There will always be a few down sides. But honestly, being able to speak truth and guide others to better their performance wins over all. At the end of the day, if the person I coach or judge is happy with their submission, then my work was done.

One final thing... Sondheim or Schwartz?

This is a toughy...

I know a LOT of Sondheim. Sunday in the Park with George is actually one of my favorites. I do not like performing Sondheim, merely because without good direction, it can become a train wreck. However, if done well, it's an amazing piece of work. There are many works of Sondheim that I didn't even know were his until more recently: such as West Side Story and Company. Who knew??? Well I'm sure YOU did! (Brett says (again) I knew!)

I wasn't familiar with Schwartz until after I saw Wicked. That's when I looked him up and saw that he also wrote lyrics for Pippin, and Godspell! (two favorites of mine) All three of these musicals are on my top 10 to perform some day.

With that being said, I suppose Schwartz wins out.

As Yogurt from Spaceballs would say: May the Schwartz be with you!

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