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Over The Edge: Smule Songbook

Welcome to "Over The Edge". A new blog series written by me, Brett, regarding each round of Vocal Edge, including what I think of the theme, the performances, and just a little personal insight from me, and sometimes the other judges too. When I conceived the rounds for Season 4, and knew that we'd have official support from Smule, I wanted to do something to commemorate that - then when they offered me a front page playlist, it became even more fitting - since the only songs that can feature on the playlist are Smule official songs. With that said, let me be clear... OFFICIAL SONGBOOK SONGS ONLY FOR THE PLAYLIST... this does NOT mean that your entry has to be from the songbook for every round, it just can't be featured on the playlist. Sing a song within the theme for each round, regardless of its official status, and you are doing just fine!


So... the official songbook - it seems like there are a hell of a lot of songs there, but for me personally, had I been in the competition for this round, I'd have been pretty screwed! I mean, I can happily open OCs from the songbook without any problem - OCs are fun, and I really don't usually care how I sound, but if you ask me to perform a competition entry, well thats a whole other story!

TIP 1: I wouldn't have done the popular songs that everyone was doing - I'd have 100% avoided the "Top Hits" category - discounting "All of Me", "Jar of Hearts" and "Say Something".

TIP 2: I wouldn't have submitted a solo. Many people say its personal taste, but if I were up against over 1000 other people, I'd want to be noticed, and that chances of that with a solo performance... not great. If I tried a song and couldn't make it amazing and impressive, I'd have picked another song for this round.

Think of it like a circus. The headline act, lets say... the trapeze artist is your main vocal. If you go to the circus and you see that one act for an hour or two... are you gonna enjoy that guy as much as you would if you go to the circus and see the full show... that circus becomes much more memorable when supported by the clowns and the animals and the sword-swallower and the fire-eater...... This is a competition... pull out the stops and give us a show!


Well since in this round, I was littered with amazing eligible songs for the playlist, I chose my favourites from the top scorers, and those were the ones who went on the official Vocal Edge playlist. From those, if I had to pick my personal Top 3... It would have to be:

All three of these tracks took a risk, and put in effort to be noticed, all with a very high standard of vocal and a thoughtful nature of exactly how to present those vocals and make them emotive, and pleasurable. Great job to all three of these people - leading the pack!!!

See you in just a couple of days, with the next edition of Over The Edge, where we will talk about the second round entries, and we'll hear from Senior Judge Nina about what she is looking for in the new champion of Vocal Edge... Don't miss it!

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