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Round 4: RnB



Perform a collaboration as a group of 5 people, from the RnB genre. YOU WILL BE SCORED AS A GROUP - 1 GROUP = 1 SCORE


  • For this round, your song will be chosen by your new coach.

  • You must perform in the groups chosen by your coach.

  • You must perform the song assigned to you by your coach.

  • You MAY use Normal, Polish, Studio, Super Studio or Indie FX.

  • You MAY NOT use Grunge, Pop, Super Pop, Stardust or Double You FX (except in backing/adlib layers for effect).

  • You MAY NOT use Harmony or Super Harmony FX at all.

  • You MUST open your song as a group and all members of your team must join.

  • You may NOT open your song for this round as a solo or duet.

  • If you are Non-VIP ask a judge who will open your song on your behalf.

  • Mashups ARE NOT allowed in this round.

  • Alternative versions such as acoustics ARE NOT allowed in this round.

  • If a song was originally released acoustically, and in within the genre, this is allowed.

  • Video songs are NOT allowed.

  • You MUST use TWO HASHTAGS and the correct COVER ART or you WILL be disqualified.

  • You must use the hashtag #VES4R4

  • You may NOT have your songs tagged by your groups until after results have been released.

  • Your SMULE name MUST be as shown on this list or you must have informed us of your name change. Failure to do so will result in no score being posted for your entry, and you will therefore be eliminated.

  • SMULE NAME CHANGES:!smule-name-change/aozye


  • Your song MUST be submitted with the correct hashtags and cover art before 23:59 GMT on SATURDAY 4th June.

  • A countdown clock is provided for your benefit at

  • Results will be released on MONDAY 6th June at 15:00 GMT.

  • After the deadline, the countdown clock will change and will instead countdown to the release of results.


  • Please note that Vocal Edge currently has an official playlist on the front page of Smule, right there with Killer Karaoke, Smule Picks etc.... In order for your track to be considered, it must be either an official Smule songbook song, or an alternative version of an official Smule songbook song (for example, Acoustic).

  • Official songbook tracks are shown on Smule by the green icon shown here. These are the only tracks considered for the official playlist, (or alternative versions of these songs)


These are the criteria against which you will be judged. You will be given a point for covering the relevant question. Therefore by following the criteria given here, you can maximize your score and ensure you focus on the correct aspects of your song. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: 10 The judges will score you as a group based on their overall knowledge.


In this round, you will be judged and critiqued by SEVEN judges. The judges will each make AT LEAST one positive and one constructive comment and these will NOT be intended personally but to help you improve so please be prepared to hear constructive criticism. TAKE NOTE: THIS IS COMPLICATED... Each coach has 4 teams of 5 people each. Those teams will have their scores added together, and the coaches will be ranked... The top 5 coaches will not have ANY eliminations. In other teams, the eliminations will happen from the lowest scored team of 5 people... so you want to be the best in your group, but also you want to be sure your group has the best overall score. Eliminations will occur as follows: Coach Rank 1-5 = No elimination Coach Rank 6-7 = 1 elimination (1 from lowest team) Coach Rank 7-8 = 3 eliminations (2 from lowest team, and 1 from the 3rd ranked team) Coach Rank 9-10 = 7 eliminations (3 from lowest team, and 2 from the 3rd ranked team) Coach Rank 11-12 = 9 eliminations (4 from lowest team, and 3 from the 3rd ranked team) 200 people will move on to the the next round. HIDDEN IMMUNITY There is no hidden immunity in this round. RISE TO THE TOP Those who gained immunity after R3 will not be eliminated this round. R4 will NOT grant immunity to anybody for the next round. This feature will return, however, in the next round.

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