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Round 10 - Disney, But Not Disney?!



Sing a mash-up of Disney melodies vs a non-Disney backing track


  • Your mash-up MUST be a mash-up, NOT a medley.

  • DEFINITION: Mash-up - a musical track comprising the vocals of one recording placed over the instrumental backing of another.

  • DEFINITION: Medley - a medley is a piece composed from parts of existing pieces, played one after another

  • You may use ANY instrumental track for your mashup, but it must NOT have any association with a Disney track.

  • Your chosen songs must be from Disney Animations only.

  • All lyrics and melodies MUST be original Disney lyrics/melodies, with intact and recognisable hooks.

  • You may NOT sing Disney lyrics to the matching melody of the instrumental track.


  • You MAY use Normal, Polish, Studio, Super Studio, Grunge, Pop, Super Pop or Indie FX.

  • You MAY NOT use Stardust or Double You FX (except in backing/adlib layers for effect).

  • You MAY NOT use Harmony or Super Harmony FX at all.

  • You MAY open your song as a duet or group although you must be the only person to join.

  • If you are Non-VIP ask your coach who will open your song on your behalf.

  • Video songs are NOT allowed.

  • You MUST use correct HASHTAG and the correct COVER ART or you WILL be disqualified.

  • You must use the hashtag #VES4R10

  • You may NOT have your songs tagged by your groups until after results have been released.

  • Your SMULE name MUST be as shown on this list or you must have informed us of your name change. Failure to do so will result in no score being posted for your entry, and you will therefore be eliminated.

  • SMULE NAME CHANGES:!smule-name-change/aozye


  • Your song MUST be submitted with the correct hashtags and cover art before 23:59 GMT on SATURDAY 16th July.

  • A countdown clock is provided for your benefit at

  • Results will be released on MONDAY 18th July at 15:00 GMT.

  • After the deadline, the countdown clock will change and will instead countdown to the release of results.


These are the criteria against which you will be judged. You will be given a point for covering the relevant question. Therefore by following the criteria given here, you can maximize your score and ensure you focus on the correct aspects of your song. If you are unclear about any of these criteria - Your coach will be happy to help you. After all, they aren't here just to look pretty! RECORDING QUALITY: 1 Is there background noise and were the volumes and FX appropriate and balanced between the track and all vocal layers? TECHNIQUE/DELIVERY: 4 Was the contestant in tune throughout in each of their layers? Did the contestant use appropriate dynamics? - for example loud, quiet, strong, soft Did the contestant display confidence? Did the contestant use harmony in their song? MASHUP: 2 Did the mashup have a flowing story or theme as opposed to simply throwing together random songs? Were the songs used from a variety of Disney movies? GENERAL VOCALS: 3 Did the judge actually enjoy listening to this version?


In this round, you will be judged and critiqued by FOUR judges. The judges will each make AT LEAST one positive and one constructive comment and these will NOT be intended personally but to help you improve so please be prepared to hear constructive criticism. The judging criteria is also CLEARLY shown so be sure to pick a song that will adhere to these criteria. Song choice is in YOUR hands, and so any complaints that your song couldn't fulfill the criteria will not be accepted. The 5 highest total scores will move on to the SEMI-FINAL. HIDDEN IMMUNITY There is no more secret song immunity. RISE TO THE TOP There is no further immunity gained from running totals - remember - the people at the top have used their versatility to stay at the top and remain safe to this point, but now, they are vulnerable and can be eliminated at any time. SIN BIN With results of this round, a single sin-binner will be chosen to return to the main competition, to their original coach, and the sin-bin will be closed for business.

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