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Saralinda is...


A powerhouse of emotion with a myriad of skills - range, dynamics and expression as well as great grasp of harmony - she truly is a worthy champion



Brett - Creator of Vocal Edge

Championship Reel - Saralinda


The king of smooth, with a brilliant ability to create runs and harmonies thAT could make any listener drool.


his versatility is broad and his champion title, well deserved



Brett - Creator of Vocal Edge

Zay is...

Championship Reel - Zay


A mistress of both emotion and strength, with an ability to also use finesse and softness in her music


as a vocal edge champion, she has shown herself as a force to  be reckoned with


Brett - Creator of Vocal Edge

Fitta is...

Championship Reel - Fitta
Championship Reel - Steffi

STEFFI is...

an example of grit, determination and artistry, with an unparalled ability to put emotion and feeling into her music



Brett - Creator of Vocal Edge



An absolute powerhouse of soprano, with an ability to adapt to any harmonic range.


with masterful expression, she can take on the role of any character and still sound amazing.  


A worthy champion


Brett - Creator of Vocal Edge


A country singer at heart but also able to adapt to other genres, or countrify them for an emotive and heartfelt performance


Rob also perseveres and is humble, making him an excellent representative of a vocal edge champion


Brett - Creator of Vocal Edge

ROB is...

A rocker with the ability to transition to other genres, and with a mastery of mashups learned very fast, ricky proved himself as the ultimate champion by winning the allstar season, against not only challengers, but beating out all the other veterans too.

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge

Ricky is...


An Operatic and classical powerhouse with an amazing ability to adapt and transform her voice depending on the situation.  range, technique and expression are all a part of corinne's vocal arsenal​, making her a deserving second champion of once more, with feeling

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge



A team of amazing vocalists with a vast knowledge and ability of styles, arrangements and technique.

Alice, Rose, JJ, Tony, Krista, Yeni, Sera and dee were amazing individuals coming together as an amazing team, making them worthy battle Royale champions

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge

PUMP is...

the well deserving off your rocker champion, able to slow it down and melt you, or to heat it up and rock you out.

adaptable, capable and listenable, noah has everything that vocal edge looks for in a winner

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge

noah is...


a true partnership.

married, and performing together, this duo can just blow you away with thoughtful arrangement, true originality, and an expert grasp of complex and beautiful harmony.

it takes two was a journey, and they won it all!

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge

Mr and mrs e are...


Rob once again battled his way through a competition to become our first double title holder.


by painting vivid pictures and invoking pure emotion with his own words and melodies, rob won his way into the judges hearts in songwriting spinoff, unwritten.

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge

Rob is...

Unwritten CHAMPION

anne is...

yet another versatile vocalist who proved themselves through a wide variety of styles and challenges.

anne fought against sabotages and remained strong throughout, finishing with a perfect song in the finals when it mattered most

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge

Season 5 champion

Battle Royale 2 champions

creative, versatile and most of all entertaining vocalists who have a tendancy to innovate every song they lay their hands on.

led by teddypi, You know that when you listen to pizza bytes, expect the whole package

brett- creator Of Vocal Edge

pizza bytes are..

Season 5 champion

Stephanie was our original musical theatre champion, and now becomes a double ve winner.

With poise, technique and an amazing distinction for a full range of classical music, stephanie proved herself once again

Brett - Creator Of Vocal Edge


ARIA READY champion

Season 5 champion

A true artist.

although versatile and entertaining, krista uses these skills especially well in country music, spanning the ability to bring out emotion, power, comedy and a true genuine country style.

Welcoming Krista to the winners circle, is a pleasure!

Brett - Creator Of Vocal Edge

KRISTA is...

Country Crusade 2 champion

Becoming a true Vocal Veteran.

winning his third championship title, rob is truly a testament of artistry, creativity and talent

I always look forward to hearing what he will come up with next

Brett - Cretor of Vocal Edge

Rob is...


FLO is...

Mastering the art of the social game, as well as being able to perform was key to flo's victory in big brother.

his ability to relate to both his opponents and his songs showed him to be worth of his title

Brett - Creator of vocal edge

Big Brother CHAMPION

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